Friday, September 30, 2005


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I love Halloween and every year I find ways to get into a costume of some kind. I've already told too many people what my costume will be. It's best to keep that to yourself so not to ruin the surprise, so I'm not telling you.
This year I will be throwing my first Halloween party. I don't like that it falls on Monday, but it's going to be a great way to show my friends around my house. I'll be prepared to scare the kiddies too. Last year we had an over 8ft tall "No Face" from "Spirited Away" greeting them with candy. They took the treats keeping their eyes keenly fixed on the unusual and large creature.

As you can see here
NoFace costume


Billie said...

I love Halloween too! We don't get any kids where we live now, it seems, but I'll use the excuse of Halloween to party anyway.

KidA said...

''Look a halloweenie!!''--Invader Zim

I've never been one for halloween, but for some reason this year around I'm actually looking forward to the festivities. :)