Monday, July 13, 2009

Weary (limited time free download)- Offer has ended

This offer is now closed. Some links will be left up for streaming purposes. Thank you to all who took part in this program.

We are happy to announce our first ever "free" download from Sleep and Dream of fire. Download Weary here now. It will only be available for two months, so get it while you can and share this link with anyone you think would enjoy free music. There are 1,000 songs in the program, all by independent musicians and all for free. This program is hosted by reverbnation and sponsored by Windows.

That's a lot of songs to choose from and if you have the time, it'll be fun to discover new independent music. Just by listening to the songs you are helping each band out. I've put together a small list of local artists in the program who have mp3's available. Thanks to reverbnation for including us in the program. I've been singing their praises and using their site for years. You'll find all of the free downloads easily from this link "free songs" or any of the others I've posted.

When deciding which song to offer I wanted to put our best foot forward and picked a song near and dear to us. I chose Weary. Weary was written by Matthew (who does a very different and haunting version solo) about a Colonel's tomb located between Elliston & Shawsville VA. This Colonel was buried standing up in his tomb so he could oversee his slaves working in the fields as to instill fear in them. This struck us as very bizarre and inspired Matthew to write a song about how we are all capable of wrongdoing and also deserving of salvation. Here was a man who even after death chose to affirm his possessions, which caused suffering to many, as though he could take it with him. To me this song is about life's journey and how every choice we make influences the quality of our lives and those who surround us. To put it simply, be kind. (bitterness follows you beyond the grave)

Here is the list of songs I've compiled so far with help from the Team Triangle facebook page. Please, feel free to re-post this list anywhere and let me know if you find some good songs to add to it.

Weary- Sequoya

Homebodies- A Rooster For The Masses

Feel Better- Schooner

Sociopath- The Dry Heathens

Truth Is Tricky- I Was Totally Destroying It

On and On- Bull City

Red Panda- Nathan Oliver

Pretending- Simple

Gin & Tonic- The Future Kings of Nowhere

Purify- Kryptic

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

300 Dogs Saved

Our song "Remember" has been featured in an audio slideshow on In part with an article written by Barry Yeoman about 300 dogs who were rescued from an animal hoarder in Sanford, N.C. The slideshow was produced by Barry and the audio was produced by Richard Ziglar. I am very honored to be a part of this project and touched by the stories of the dogs who were saved. See the video with our song and watch the other three stories in the link below. Read the article here on or in the June issue of O Magazine.

You can hear the full version of this song on our new record "Sleep and Dream of Fire" available at CDBaby and on iTunes.

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Duo Fest III- reviews and photos

Duo Fest III was a hit this year. The day couldn't have been nicer and all of the bands rocked. I love the diversity of the music and how much sound two people can make.

Here are a few reviews of the festival from two bloggers.
Complete with photos of each band and a short review of the music

and a review from fellow Duo Fester Battle Rockets

There was also a secret photographer who posted some amazing shots of the fest on flickr. Check them out here He took the photo at the top of the post, thank you "not a photographer".

Update: I found the blog from the secret photographer on WKNC's blog. Check out all the photos the way they were intended here.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Duo Fest III

We're really excited to be playing Duo Fest III this year. All of the bands are incredible and we've always had a great time at Duo Fest these past 3 years. Please come down to BCHQ on April 18th. Here are the bands and line up (so far). The show starts at 2pm, go to the Duofest myspace for more info.

Event Lineup (subject to slight change):

2:00 PM -- DOORS
3:00—Battle Rockets (Chapel Hill)
3:30—Sawteeth McTweedy (Durham)
4:00—Basalt (Greensboro)
4:30—Scientific Superstar (Durham)
5:00—Ottvovonbismark (Milford, PA / Wilmington, NC)
5:30—Phon (Raleigh)
6:00— Sequoya (Durham)
6:30—Victor Victor Band (Philadelphia)
7:00—Veg Dinner Break!! (Potluck-style)
8:00—Spacelab (Chapel Hill)
8:30 -- Saint Peter Pocket Veto (Winston-Salem)
9:00—All Your Science (Durham) and “Backpack Drumset” (Documentary on All Your Science)
9:45—Beloved Binge (Durham)
10:15—Mecca Normal (Vancouver,BC)
11:00—Veelee(Chapel Hill)
11:30—Curtains of Night (Chapel Hill)
12:00-- Trophy Wife (DC)

We can't wait to see Beloved Binge (back shortly from their 7 month tour) and Mecca Normal on their 25th anniversary tour.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Thank you WXDU and free downloads

I want to say thank you to WXDU and all of their DJ's for playing and promoting local music. We are very honored to be included on their top 66 local releases in 2008 and ranked 8th most played in the week of January 4th 2009.

We'd also like to thank all of you who have purchased mp3's and discs of "Sleep and Dream of Fire".

There is a brand new Subdivision 67 compilation disc out now. Look for it (for free) at local shows. Songs on the comp include
Recall- Beloved Binge
Good Times- Wigg Report
Personification of Light- Ponchos From Peru
Quaker Bridge Mall- Sawteeth McTweety
Dreams We Have- Sugar In The Dirt
Insofar- Sequoya
Moore Square Station- Scientific Superstar
Best Part Of Me- Shana Scudder

All of it is awesome and all of it is free.

Speaking of free music... we have a lot of free songs for download at reverbnation. There's no need to sign up and you can preview and download each track with the player below. Here is a brief description of the songs available, which comprise almost a whole albums worth of music.

Four of these songs were recorded at home on my old Yamaha 4-track recorder and mastered at South West Recording Studios in 2004. The other two were recorded at South West Recording Studio in 2000, featuring Antoinette on drums and the always fun Chuck Crush as engineer.

Songs are
Harlan's Daughter- Inspired by the life story of Florence Reese.
Red Clay Red- A haunting tale I wrote for a film maker to use in one of his films. This song also created the back drop for our record Villain Victim. See it here live on youtube.
Alone At the Bar- From the 2000 recording on Like Water. See it live here with Ruth from Sawteeth McTweedy on drums.
Landfills- They're all full of curious things, recorded in 2000.
Artemis- A song about an inspiring friend and creativity. From Villain Victim 2004.
Two Sisters- A very folky song inspired by a television show pilot called White Dwarf.