Tuesday, May 12, 2009

300 Dogs Saved Oprah.com

Our song "Remember" has been featured in an audio slideshow on Oprah.com. In part with an article written by Barry Yeoman about 300 dogs who were rescued from an animal hoarder in Sanford, N.C. The slideshow was produced by Barry and the audio was produced by Richard Ziglar. I am very honored to be a part of this project and touched by the stories of the dogs who were saved. See the video with our song and watch the other three stories in the link below. Read the article here on Oprah.com or in the June issue of O Magazine.


You can hear the full version of this song on our new record "Sleep and Dream of Fire" available at CDBaby and on iTunes.

1 comment:

Barry Yeoman said...

It was a treat working with the two of you, and with your music. "Remember" perfectly captured the emotional resonance of this dog- rescue story.