Monday, July 13, 2009

Weary (limited time free download)- Offer has ended

This offer is now closed. Some links will be left up for streaming purposes. Thank you to all who took part in this program.

We are happy to announce our first ever "free" download from Sleep and Dream of fire. Download Weary here now. It will only be available for two months, so get it while you can and share this link with anyone you think would enjoy free music. There are 1,000 songs in the program, all by independent musicians and all for free. This program is hosted by reverbnation and sponsored by Windows.

That's a lot of songs to choose from and if you have the time, it'll be fun to discover new independent music. Just by listening to the songs you are helping each band out. I've put together a small list of local artists in the program who have mp3's available. Thanks to reverbnation for including us in the program. I've been singing their praises and using their site for years. You'll find all of the free downloads easily from this link "free songs" or any of the others I've posted.

When deciding which song to offer I wanted to put our best foot forward and picked a song near and dear to us. I chose Weary. Weary was written by Matthew (who does a very different and haunting version solo) about a Colonel's tomb located between Elliston & Shawsville VA. This Colonel was buried standing up in his tomb so he could oversee his slaves working in the fields as to instill fear in them. This struck us as very bizarre and inspired Matthew to write a song about how we are all capable of wrongdoing and also deserving of salvation. Here was a man who even after death chose to affirm his possessions, which caused suffering to many, as though he could take it with him. To me this song is about life's journey and how every choice we make influences the quality of our lives and those who surround us. To put it simply, be kind. (bitterness follows you beyond the grave)

Here is the list of songs I've compiled so far with help from the Team Triangle facebook page. Please, feel free to re-post this list anywhere and let me know if you find some good songs to add to it.

Weary- Sequoya

Homebodies- A Rooster For The Masses

Feel Better- Schooner

Sociopath- The Dry Heathens

Truth Is Tricky- I Was Totally Destroying It

On and On- Bull City

Red Panda- Nathan Oliver

Pretending- Simple

Gin & Tonic- The Future Kings of Nowhere

Purify- Kryptic


carrboro ninja said...

DIG IT cause "Weary" is my favorite.

Sequoya said...

Thanks Jeremy!