Sunday, March 29, 2009

Duo Fest III

We're really excited to be playing Duo Fest III this year. All of the bands are incredible and we've always had a great time at Duo Fest these past 3 years. Please come down to BCHQ on April 18th. Here are the bands and line up (so far). The show starts at 2pm, go to the Duofest myspace for more info.

Event Lineup (subject to slight change):

2:00 PM -- DOORS
3:00—Battle Rockets (Chapel Hill)
3:30—Sawteeth McTweedy (Durham)
4:00—Basalt (Greensboro)
4:30—Scientific Superstar (Durham)
5:00—Ottvovonbismark (Milford, PA / Wilmington, NC)
5:30—Phon (Raleigh)
6:00— Sequoya (Durham)
6:30—Victor Victor Band (Philadelphia)
7:00—Veg Dinner Break!! (Potluck-style)
8:00—Spacelab (Chapel Hill)
8:30 -- Saint Peter Pocket Veto (Winston-Salem)
9:00—All Your Science (Durham) and “Backpack Drumset” (Documentary on All Your Science)
9:45—Beloved Binge (Durham)
10:15—Mecca Normal (Vancouver,BC)
11:00—Veelee(Chapel Hill)
11:30—Curtains of Night (Chapel Hill)
12:00-- Trophy Wife (DC)

We can't wait to see Beloved Binge (back shortly from their 7 month tour) and Mecca Normal on their 25th anniversary tour.

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Eleni Binge & Vlachos said...

Can't wait!! I mean, we can, in theory, but you know.

Miss you guys and can't wait to see you play.