Saturday, January 17, 2009

Thank you WXDU and free downloads

I want to say thank you to WXDU and all of their DJ's for playing and promoting local music. We are very honored to be included on their top 66 local releases in 2008 and ranked 8th most played in the week of January 4th 2009.

We'd also like to thank all of you who have purchased mp3's and discs of "Sleep and Dream of Fire".

There is a brand new Subdivision 67 compilation disc out now. Look for it (for free) at local shows. Songs on the comp include
Recall- Beloved Binge
Good Times- Wigg Report
Personification of Light- Ponchos From Peru
Quaker Bridge Mall- Sawteeth McTweety
Dreams We Have- Sugar In The Dirt
Insofar- Sequoya
Moore Square Station- Scientific Superstar
Best Part Of Me- Shana Scudder

All of it is awesome and all of it is free.

Speaking of free music... we have a lot of free songs for download at reverbnation. There's no need to sign up and you can preview and download each track with the player below. Here is a brief description of the songs available, which comprise almost a whole albums worth of music.

Four of these songs were recorded at home on my old Yamaha 4-track recorder and mastered at South West Recording Studios in 2004. The other two were recorded at South West Recording Studio in 2000, featuring Antoinette on drums and the always fun Chuck Crush as engineer.

Songs are
Harlan's Daughter- Inspired by the life story of Florence Reese.
Red Clay Red- A haunting tale I wrote for a film maker to use in one of his films. This song also created the back drop for our record Villain Victim. See it here live on youtube.
Alone At the Bar- From the 2000 recording on Like Water. See it live here with Ruth from Sawteeth McTweedy on drums.
Landfills- They're all full of curious things, recorded in 2000.
Artemis- A song about an inspiring friend and creativity. From Villain Victim 2004.
Two Sisters- A very folky song inspired by a television show pilot called White Dwarf.

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