Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Reviews are coming in for Sleep and Dream of Fire and start off with a great local blogger and musician, Secret Carrboro Ninja Patrol.
"Sequoya masters a technique of story telling through music and song that uses metaphor to put the listener in the shoes of the artist and draws upon common ground in order for the listener to relate."
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Next up is whom we did an interview with months before the record was released.
"The music grabs you first, and you can listen to the music without paying attention to a single lyric, but those lyrics will gently sink in, and draw you in, and when you’re in, you realize the lyrics are quite fantastic, the subject matter unique, elevating this music to amongst the best stuff being made today."
Read the entire review here

Here are some photos from our CD release show on December 6th 2008. Thank you to all that came out and to Jeremy Blair for the photos.

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