Saturday, September 16, 2006


I've been watching a lot of youtube lately. It's pretty interesting to see how unafraid people are to share their lives.
I used to think that youtube was where you went to see Britney Spears cry and last night's American Idol performances. This only interests me in the context of Michael K's blog Dlisted "he's so funny". I found a program that easily edits videos and now I'm a part of the whole "youtube" thing. Anyway here is a video I made last night.

The Cosmonaut's Wife

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Binge Cafe said...

The Cosmonaut's Wife...amazing song and footage. I want to hear more...
I like how the change of color is used with the planets or landscapes in each video. (Nice shirt in the family video.) I can't wait to hear you both live.
I didn't think of you tube for photos as much but you have done this brilliantly.

-mz binge cafe

ps ... I just figured out how to make fluffy white frosting! This has been just outside of my grasp until tonight. Hereinafter I might have to buy new pants.