Thursday, January 20, 2005

In Memory of Nutmeg

(12-28-98 to 1-20-2005)

(update 5/24/05)

We had Nutmeg for 4 years and she was a wonderful pet. She died of Adrenal Disease, and cancer of the pancreas. A common fate for American bred ferrets. I miss her so much and I think of her every day. We found a fortune cookie she had taken and stashed in one of her hiding places. We opened it and the fortune read " Wish you a good journey". It was so poetic and profound that it brought tears to my eyes.

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Tes said...

I still believe that Nutmeg was the first friend I made in Roanoke. I think she sussed me out before anyone else. I'm sorry to hear about her passing. She was loved and those thoughts of her trying to get my beer or crawling into the nearest banging drum will always endear my heart.

I love you too, Eve. If you need me, night or day.....

Anonymous said...

It’s hard to explain the love for a pet. The world’s spiraling out of control; war, tsunami, terror, Bush. Still, I’m crying over a ferret. At face value it seems inconsiderate or demeaning to human tragedy. But my tears are sincere, I can’t apologize for being sheltered or naive or inexperienced. Frankly, if “real” life experiences wait for me in the great unknown… well, I don’t want to discover them . I’ll stay right here and love with childish sincerity like Nutmeg loved me.

- Matthew

KidA said...

Poor, sweet Nutmeg. : (

Billie said...

I'm so sorry about Nutmeg, and since what i have are "fur kids" instead of human kids, I think of them as my children, and I know how you feel, and can empathize with you. Each and every pet is, to a real animal lover, a person and family member in their own right. And each and every one is always missed. There's no "replacing" this loss with another one, despite what some people might say "Just go get another one!" You and I and any real animal lovers know the truth. You may find solace and love in another pet, but you never forget and they are never replaced in your heart or soul.