Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Something New

I’m pleased to say that I am recording a new record. My last record Villain and Victim was an attempt at a themed record about a woman overcoming extreme obstacles and murder. I recorded it all by myself on a crappy little four track in my living room. The overall quality of the record isn’t really to my liking, so I’ve invested in better recording equipment, and a drum set.

The overall, but loosely based theme of the new record is space, whether it be metaphor or literal. I have written all but two songs now all I need to do is record and produce those songs into something I’ll be willing to share. You can hear one of the songs here. It’s titled Rocket.

I’m really excited about the process, and I hope to keep up the momentum. I’m setting my sites on releasing it in the fall. If I cannot find proper distribution through a record company, I will use CD Baby. I have never worked with them before, but the thought of total freedom is enticing.


KidA said...

I'm excited for you. It's great you have this bubbling energy inside of you. You will make something great. : )

ilovecomix said...

i bought some of your shares at

Billie said...

I cannot wait to hear you really getting into playing the drums. Too much fun.